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Luxi Electronics designs and makes a wide range of audio and video products for consumer and professional markets.  Innovative features, break through performance, deep know how in high reliability, and always open minded for customer inputs, all these made the Luxi products stand out.  See a complete list of Luxi products here.



The Digital Revolution
The installers have been using the reliable analog technologies like the component video, VGA, analog audio for decades.  While the new digital technologies like the HDMI dominating the consumer world, the installers have been very cautious of using the new technologies like the HDMI for the following reasons:

1)     HDMI connector is not lockable.  The professional applications cannot afford the signal interruptions of a loose connector.


2)     HDMI cable is not field terminate-able.  All other cables, Cat5, coax (including RF, video, audio), speaker, etc., are all field terminate-able, except HDMI.  The installers need to pull the cables thru the conduit (where the factory terminated HDMI cable cannot go thru), need to meet UL plenum or riser requirement (which virtually none of the factory terminated cables meet), need to cut to length, need to be re-terminated for repair.


3)     Cable distance limitation; current best HDMI cables can only carry 8 Gbps signal to 10 m; the commercial applications often require much longer cable runs


4)     Lack of reliable HDMI electronics products.  The I2C protocol used in the DDC lines for EDID and HDCP communications was designed for communications between 2 ICs on the same circuit board, not for the multiple devices with long cables; the difficulty of integrate devices with mixed resolution and audio capabilities, and the complex signal routing of the HDMI Ethernet and return audio.


Luxi Electronics have made major breakthoughs to bring the reliable products and solutions for the installers to embrace the digital revolution and huge new business opportinities.  In the HDMI area, we have the following solutions:

1)     The Luxi patent pending HDMI locking connectors are currently shipping.  It provides about 15 lbs of retaining force for secure connection, fully backwards compatible, and safely disconnect when the cable is kicked to provent damages to the devices.

2)     The Luxi patented HDMI connectors, bulk wires, hand tools and field testers for terminating HDMI cables in the field are currently shipping; the plenum HDMI bulk wires are coming soon.  It only takes 2 minutes to finish one end with the Luxi ribbon bulk wires and connectors.

3)     The Luxi super HDMI cables can send 1080p signal to 35 m (115') without any extender or equalizer.

4)     The Luxi Communicators are shipping now.  They will fix almost all the HDMI handshaking (EDID) and copyright (HDCP) related problems in the field with any branded HDMI products.  Luxi Extenders are currently shipping.  They will fix most HDMI bandwidth and cable length related problems.  Installers would resolve almost any HDMI problems in field by carrying some Communicators and Extenders in their tool box.  Luxi would also be the first to ship the HDMI 1.4 electronics with HDMI Ethernet and return audio features.



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