About Us
Luxi Electronics Corp. is a manufacturer of audio video products for consumer and professional markets.  Located in California, the center of the high tech industry, founded by industry veteran Xiaozheng Lu, Luxi has years of none stop innovations, high quality products and excellent customer service.


Luxi history
1987 Industry's first test method of the PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) using the simple sinewave signal generator; adopted to national standard
1990 World's first LCD projector with build in scaler
1994 Motion, video and audio syncronized player for Disneyland rides
2002 Award wining VGA, S-video, composite video and microphone switcher
2003 Best selling VGA and audio matrix switchers
2004 Best selling compact audio power amplifiers
2005 Best selling HDMI over Cat5 transmitter and receiver; full line of commercial speakers
2006 World's first fiber optics transmitter and receiver with perfect image sampling; award wining integrated switcher and power amp mounted on projector pole
2008 HDMI switchers with fast switching technology; HDMI distribution amplifers with smart output resolution management; world's longest passive HDMI cable
2009 World's first HDMI DIYR products; first locking HDMI connectors within dimension spec
2010 World's first 2-minute HDMI DIYR products
2011 Revolutionary PresenterR products, 3 SKU can replace all interfaces, switchers, splitters and matrix switchers, big or small

2013 Luxi locking connector patent granted

2014 Luxi became the largest HDMI cable supplier for the US market

2015 Luxi introduced the world's smallest VGA HDMI DP auto switcher, scaler, splitter, audio mixer/embedder/deembedder; later added display controls.  This highly versatile device is the heart of a fully automated conference room or classroom AV system

2016 Luxi PresenterR patents in multiple countries granted

2017 Luxi patents for the new technical standard that can route 8k video in highly economical and flexible ways with zero quality loss and delays filed

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