* Luxi to introduce the world's thinnest power amps at ISE show

Only 1 inch (2.5 cm) tall! 
AMP-902 is a 45 W x2 stereo power amp, AMP-801 is a 80 W mono 70/100 V power amp.  Each has 4 inputs including a mic input and a balanced line input.

*AHD-211 4k 18 Gbps Audio Extractor/Communicator are now shipping!

*THB-350 and RHB-350 are now shipping! 
These products add HDBT Tx and Rx to the popular SHD-310SM to send signals up to 70 m (235') away!


Industry's first 18 Gbps active copper HDMI cables up to 20 m with full compliance

4k 60 Hz 4:4:4 HDR compatible
Luxi locking connectors for secure mating
HDCP 2.2 compatible
Zero bit error rate by Quantum Data 780D at 18 Gbps
Small flexible bulk wires
Much more cost effective than fiber cables or baluns
Superior EMI performance
UL CL2 rated

SHD-310SM (rev 2) VGA/HDMI/DP/audio 3x2 switcher/scaler with audio de-embedding and embedding, now has display controls!


We are pleased to announce that the popular Luxi 310 switcher/scaler now has projector (display) controls!  The users just plug in their laptop or other portable devices, the Luxi 310 will automatically select that input, scale the video and turn on the projector.  When no one is using the system, the Luxi 310 will turn the projector off.  Can it be simpler than that?

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At the CEDIA Expos in the past 3 years, Luxi founder Lu have given these 3 training classes and earned top ratings:

4k UHD Demystified
HDCP & EDID Demystified
Audio Basics

Luxi will soon introduce a brand new technical standard that can route 8k video in highly economical and flexible ways with zero quality loss and delays

Coming tradeshows:
: 2/6 to 2/9 2018, Amsterdam
OneAV-PureLink, booth 5-R85
Covid, booth 5-V70
BTX, booth 15-T320




Luxi Electronics Corp is a California, USA based manufacturer of innovative audio video products for professional and consumer markets, and No. 1 HDMI cable supplier in the US market  

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